Thursday, January 16, 2014

Let's Chat, Shall We?

Good morning!  I had been planning to share my New Years Resolutions with y'all today, but what ended up coming out of that post is this post...más o menos.  I've been thinking (and reading - I really loved Open Door's perspective on 2014) a lot about what I would like to get out of 2014, and if I'm being honest - I'm not totally sure how Fooding & Friending fits in the picture.  Y'all, I am busy.  And I'm not trying to say I'm any busier than you, or you, but when I work a full day and get home to (try to) plan a wedding while also attempting to maintain some semblance of a's exhausting!  Because when I'm not planning I'm exercising, or at a meeting, or spending time with my friends or (most importantly) my fiancé - whatever it is - and feeling like I have to be a presence here, for myself more than anything, has taken a lot of the joy out of this blog.

And then when one of my fave gals, Anna, decided she'd had enough of the blogosphere, (which selfishly was a total bummer because I loved being up to date with all of her goings on) it made me think - am I there too?  And then I read this post (and the snark that led to it) on Bailey's blog and it really gave me a pause.  How do people have so much time for such anger in their lives?  And can I give them some of my to-do list?  I guess I had never thought about people taking time to tear others down like that, and it made me nervous.  I love to share...but thick my skin is not (very), and I don't know if I could handle it with the grace Bails did.  Granted, I am sure that for every person that likes my blog there are 5 that hate it, but I don't write this for them - this little project started as a way to stay in touch with friends and family when I ventured to Oklahoma City and kind of grew from there.  And I love my blog.  I love to write, and I love when someone tells me that they enjoy  reading - every comment or "like" on Facebook, they warm my heart because I feel like I'm reaching someone, and that that someone actually likes what I have to say!  Jessie, who writes another one of my go-to reads, went through something like this awhile back too - I think it's normal to figure out where and what your priorities are re: your presence on the internet.  I can't imagine quitting this blog, I love to share my life and bookmark interesting things I find (p.s. daily dose of inspiration), I just need to figure out in what capacity I can manage doing that...without letting it stress me out (too much).

So, I guess in short what I'm trying to say is I might be a little less of a presence around here for a while.  I'm not going anywhere, I don't think (maybe I am?), but I hope you'll still check in from time to time and read my ramblings because I cannot say it enough, I love that anyone (other than my family - and them too!) reads this, truly, and I am so grateful for all that F&F has brought me.  I just need to...take a step back for a second and focus on the things that are going on outside of my computer screen.  Feel free to let me know your thoughts, and thank y'all in advance for being so understanding!
Oh!  And while I'm here I might as well share some of those resos after all, if for no other reason than I really need to have them written somewhere other than the "notes" app on my phone...

The mental

  • Live in gratitude.  This is a big one because I think I have the tendency to get caught up in the craziness that is life and can take really wonderful things for granted.
  • Be patient.  I think JM would say this is my biggest area to improve...somewhere along the line I developed a hot temper, and I need to chill out.  Like, yesterday.
  • Be kind.  There are endless opportunities to do kind things for other people, I need to do them more often.  
  • Drop who and what is not serving me.  I have some toxic things, and even a person or two, in my life that I need to finally rid myself of.  It might be difficult, but having that presence in my life is not bringing me any joy - quite the opposite actually - and it's time to forgive and let go. 
  • Worry less.  There is a lot which I cannot control...I need to not worry about it.  (But please don't rain on my wedding day!!!!) 

The physical 
  • Cook more.  I have the tiniest kitchen known to man, but I'm getting married and am going to have to feed someone other than myself, so green smoothies and scrambled eggs aren't going to cut it for dinner anymore!
  • Lose weight.  This is always a resolution and is particularly important per our wedding, but more importantly than losing weight I just want to be the healthiest version of me.  This is the year.
  • Save money.  We would really like to buy a house this year, and in order to make that a possibility I need to be better about budgeting.  
  • Read more.  Time to breakup with my TV and start reading again on the reg. 
  • Write more.  Whether here or in a journal I'm not sure, but I need to be writing more.  
  • Write one letter a month.  You would think this would be simple, right?  It's not!  But I love mail, and I know my friends do too.  I think sending (and receiving) snail mail that says, hey I miss ya!  is a very valuable thing.  
And there you have it, my grand list of 2014 resolutions.  I know this is going to be a great year, but I want to make it my best.  So I'm committing to myself that I will follow through with these resolutions.  And with that there's no "hoping" or "wishing" - only doing.  So here's to making 2014 the best year yet!  

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  1. Great resolutions! The break from writing on Adger has been kind of glorious - enjoy stepping back for a minute! XO