Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Please bear with me!  I am up to my ears in ungraded exams.  We're talking upwards of 1,000 pages of exams, and no I'm not exaggerating.  Cruel and unusual, right?  Woof!  Please stick around and don't give up on me just yet, especially because I have SO much to share!  Liiikkeee the amazing beyond amazing beyond amazing coffee I've been all but intravenously drinking every day, my best friend's new(-ish) and wildly successful company, the best pizza you've ever had and more!  Seriously!  I would like to say I'll be back on sched tomorrow, but honestly I have no idea - and I'm going to THIS GAL's wedding in NC this weekend, soooo I'll be back soon, k?  Love!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Stuff

As my weekends in OKC come to an end - I only have one more! - I'm starting to get a little sad.  Emphasis on little.  There are things I really love about OKC - I love the freedom to do whatever I please (sit on the couch in my pjs for 9 hours included), I love going to yoga both Saturdays and Sundays, I love (almost / kind of ) being a part of a wonderful Cross Fit community, I love running races and walking Mollie through my old historic neighborhood, and y'all know I love my school.  This isn't news, I've said before how much I love my job - nay, my students - so as the days creep closer to my move date my heart strings get a little tighter.  I will say though, aside from employment the only things I love about OKC as you might be able to tell are well-being related, and I think more than sad about leaving, I am scared of changing.  Excited, but scared.

Anyway that rambling is all beside the point.  I had a wonderfully relaxing and somewhat productive weekend, so I thought I would share a few tidbits.  A carb-o-load (race prep, cha know?) pizza dinner - with pals, a fun, albeit hard as sh*t race on Saturday morning followed by well-deserved beers all around, a banquet honoring the wonderfully beautiful little gals I am lucky to call my students, lots of yoga, a Thunder victory (wahoo!) and some exam writing - lo siento mis queridos estudiantes, es bastante dificil, hehehe.  I can't believe this is the last week of school.  I'm not sure if I'm rejoicing or devastated...or somewhere in between.  Enough jabber - are you ready for Monday?  I find ice cream always helps...
McNellie's Pub run - a casual 4 mile course where at miles 1.5, 3, and 4 (the end) you had to drink a Guiness.  I was a pansy and did the non-drinking run, but was pretty pleased with myself when approaching the end of the race I saw a poor guy on his knees yacking in someone's front lawn.  Coulda been me...woulda been me.
 The Girls' Banquet with my lovely co-workers and estudiantes
To me, Sundays always call for a delicious dinner to make the prospect of Monday a little less daunting.  I fixed up some Revival tikka masala over brown rice and it hit the spot.  And like I said, Sundays always call for ice-cream, how cute is my little measuring cup / bowl?  Molls had a good weekend, per usual - can't you tell how stressful her life is?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Charlotte Olympia Goodness

How is she so fabulous?  How are she and her shoes so fabulous?  Ugh.  I want to hate her, but I can't because her footwear is too amazing.  Talk about lust worthy; I think any and every pair of hers is on my in my dreams wish list.  Check out her bio from the British Fashion Council and a few of my faves...le sigh.  Any gal who includes "plenty of leopard" in her design signatures is a-ok by me.  My birthday is coming up...soon...ish.  Just sayin'!

Designer name: Charlotte Olympia Dellal 
Origin: Charlotte is half English, half Brazilian.
Design background: Having studied at Cordwainers, Charlotte started the process of setting up her label upon graduation. Throughout her degree, she would intern at Giambattista Valli in Paris whenever she had time. 
Career highlight: “Opening my first store in July 2010 in Mayfair, London.”
Design signatures: “Classic high heels with a modern silhouette in a rainbow of colours and with plenty of leopard print.” 
How would you describe the Charlotte Olympia woman? “Someone who dresses from the feet up!” 
What is your trademark piece? “Dolly; a court shoe with a 14cm heel and a gold signature ‘island’ platform.” 
What’s next for your brand? “Hosiery.”  
What’s playing in your studio this season? “Carmen Miranda.”

Friday, May 18, 2012


I am not sure why I am subjecting myself to this, but I have signed up for the McNellie's Pub Run tomorrow morning.  Thankfully (wait, who am I kidding, it's not like I'm going out tonight) it doesn't start until 11:30, so I was thinking I might try to squeeze in a yoga class beforehand to loosen up.  And maybe give myself an excuse not to run?  No.  I will do this.  But it won't be pretty!  I haven't run 4 miles in months.  As soon as I realized I wouldn't be able to run the OKC Memorial Marathon because duh Fiesta is way more important I dropped training faster than you can say half marathon.  Annnnd haven't run since.  C'est la vie, shall be an adventure, yes?  

Oh I forgot to mention, the challenge is that you drink 12oz of Guinness every 1.5 mile or so.  Um. Woof.  I signed up for the non-drinking run.  Can you imagine?  That would really not be pretty.  A few pics from last years race - looks fun, right?  Totally...  

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wednesday Wants...on a Thursday

Whoopsies.  As much as I don't want this week to end because I have so much crap to accomplish, I can't wait for this week to end so I'll have a little more free time on my hands.  Assuming I get my work done that is.  And rent a U-Haul.  And some other shabam I don't even want to think about right now.  I need some pretty stuff to look at and pretty things to want that I can't afford to take my mind off of all that.  So without further ado, Wednesday Wants on a Thursday.  I try. 
This Lilly Pulitzer necklace I saw on Ramshackle Glam.  All business in the front, definite party in the back - fun pendant from the front, bottle opener in the back.  Did you read that right?  Bottle opener.  Perfect for a trip to the beach or weekend with pals, AND it would be one hell of a gift.  I mean, who wouldn't want to receive one of these?!
 Clearly I am all about the arm party (see below), and I really can't get enough of all of the colorful but delicate bracelets out right now.  These are pretty moderately priced so cute, I just want to stack'em all the way up my arm! 
I am obsessed with this Anthro watch, and if it weren't back-ordered until July it would absolutely already be on my wrist. 

I love flamingos and I love this Torn by Ronny Kobo Flamingo Tank.  With jean shorts all summer long?  Yes please. 

BaubleBar and the Man Repeller are collaborating, and though I hopped to it immediately yesterday to buy an arm party for myself I tried to act like an adult and restrained myself from actually purchasing.  Because do I really need five random bracelets?  Ughhh YES.  YES I DO!  I mean look at her wrists! 

I'm not sure what my (more than usual) accessory obsession is, but I think I like it!  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The way I see it

Ok, first thing's first - lo siento that I've been MIA these last few days, this gal is busy.  Like bizay.  I kind of can't believe I'm even taking time to write this right now, there is a 45 item to-do list swirling in my head...but whatevs.   Anyway!
The way I see it, if you're gonna eat a grilled cheese, eat a grilled cheese.  And that is exactly what I did.  Twice.  In a row.  It was fo sho the most delicious thing I've eaten in awhile.  Like, wow.  So, I thought I would share my recipe, adapted from one I found on Pinterest - the most wonderful food porn there is - in hopes that you'll treat yo' self soon with something similar!  The original involves pesto and some other shtuff, but I just used what I had in my fridge, 'cause this gal ain't got time right now to be making pesto (and yes, I know it's really easy, hush).
Umm that ricotta.  Yes.  

Spinach, Avocado, and Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese
2 slices of bread (whole wheat / multi-grain, something hearty)
1 tbsp coconut oil*
1/2 avocado, sliced
1 oz part skim mozzarella 
1 oz goat cheese
2 tbsp part skim ricotta 
Handful of spinach leaves

*Of course you don't have to use coconut oil, but it provides this subtle sweetness that takes the sandwich to a whole other level.  Trust me.  
Spread 1/2 of the coconut oil on one slice of bread and place in a warm/hot pan.  Layer mozzarella, spinach, avocado and goat cheese on bread and leave until bread crisps.  Once you're ready to flip (and I'm no grilled cheese expert, but this is what worked for me) add ricotta to top of avocado / goat cheese layer and take the un-coconut oiled piece of bread and place on top.  Press down with a spatula so everything kind of sticks together and then spread coconut oil on bread.  Then carefully flip everything over (my first attempt was kind of a disaster).  Let the other slice of bread crisp up, take everything off the heat, cut in half and ENJOY!  No lie, the best best BEST grilled cheese I've ever had / made / put in my belly.  Oh and if you care, because I always do (womp, womp) the whole thing runs at about 650 cals.  

Adapted from Taste Spotting

And back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.  I hope.  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to the most wonderful woman I'll ever know in the whole wide world!  I love you so much Mama!  
(Only the most beautiful flowers for the most beautiful Mamma!  They turned out pretty amazing, huh?)

Happy Mother's Day to ME!

Yes, that's right, to me.  I had all but forgotten, DUH, I'm a mama too!  To the most wonderful perfect adorably beautiful sweet puppy gal there ever was, Mollie!  Clearly I only like her a little bit.  And it's no wonder, she surprised me with a few Mother's Day gifts of my own - isn't she the best?!  I don't know how she did it!  She either knows me too well or is an avid Fooding and Friending reader, because she got me this Madewell sweater I was lusting over on last weeks Wednesday Wants and even thought to get me a tank that would look fab underneath!  So smart, right?

Only the best from my little gal!
AND!  This necklace I have been coveting on Etsy for awhile now.  She must have seen me drooling over it for the last few weeks.  Such a smart gal!

I was hoping for one of these to layer with the one I got for high school graduation (which I still wear every day), but alas...maybe next year!  

Ok, so this was a stretch, yeah?  Still, a nice excuse to treat myself :)  Happy Mother's Day to all the real Mama's (of children) out there!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Gifting

I fully intended on being responsible and posting this and a recipe but this week seriously flew by.  My head is still spinning.  Even at yoga this morning (where I did my first HANDSTAND!) I kept thinking to myself, is it really Saturday?  Alas.  Hopefully y'all are much more organized and already have gifts for your fabulous mamas, I know I do - flowers arrived this morning and her giftaroonie has been patiently waiting to be opened since Thursday...maybe the first time ever I've succeeded in my gift planning.  Anyway, if you don't have something, never fear!  You still have time!  And I thought I'd share a few of my faves - 'cause if I were a mom, or if I were buying for my mom this is what I would be leaning toward.

mother's day gift guid

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I probably could have used this glued to my forehead a few months ago when I didn't know whether I was going to survive the school year.  Now, not quite so much, but with an impending move 3 1/2 weeks away (decided last night, WOW) I may soon need another reminder.  Happy Thursday!  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wenesday Wants

I kind of can't believe it's already Wednesday.  Anyone?  Maybe it's because this is the first full week of school we've had in awhile or because the end of the year is closing in on me like a wildfire (STOP! PLEASE!)...I mean, yes, I want to move home (duh), but I love my job.  Seeing my students every day is a joy that I cannot express exactly in words.  Yes, some days I hate them, they are pre-teens and teenagers after all, but much more often than not I leave work with a smile on my face.  I will miss my school and my students so much - too much.  ANYWAY.  That is very much not the point of this post.  Wednesday Want time! 
These absolutely adorable Gap espadrilles - yep, you read that right, Gap!  Can you believe it?  The perfect go-with-everything espadrille from white jeans to summer dresses and for a helluva good price.  Personally, I really love the orange, and they're on sale!  Now what's stopping you? 
Some fun summer sunnies like these from Urban Outfitters.  I used to have a pair of the heart-shaped ones and I <3'd them so much....but then I sat on them.  Womp womp.  At $14-$20 a pop they seem like a steal too, right?  And how fabulous are the pineapples?  The Easter Bunny did bring me an amazing new pair of Chanel sunglasses that I adore, but for days by the pool (and especially if there may be a drink in my hand) these seem like more appropriate wrinkle repellers! 

 I'm really in to necklaces right now.  I'm kind of phasey with my jewels - sometimes I'm all about the earrings and never wear anything else, others the necklace and earrings go back in my jewelry box until the next time I have an identity crisis decide to switch things up.  I particularly love these statement necklaces.  Can you tell I also happen to seriously lusting after some turquoise right now?  (And neonAlways.)  And how cute is the monogram necklace?  I'm not usually a huge fan of these, but I figure if you're going to do it you might as well do it and I can't think of a better way than above.  So cute for summer. (Necklaces 1-4, Bauble Bar, 5 J. Crew Factory)

I am loving these Madewell suits.  I wear one pieces, period the end (more on this later), but I am intrigued by this retro bikini look.  What do you think?  Could I pull it off?  I mean if I were going to try, you can bet it'd be in this Mara Hoffman number.  And to go with that Mara Hoffman suit, I think this Mara Hoffman jumper would be just the thing, don't you?  Also not really a fan of rompers, but when in Rome...and this one is too adorable! 
And one last thing, while we're talking about Madewell...This pullover.  Oh my goodness.  All things I love in one summer sweater - light, stripes, bright colors, oversize....sign me up!  My only hesitation is that it does get awfully hot in Houston in the summertime, but I don't think I'd mind sweating in this sweater.  
Happy hump day!