Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gifting: The Kitch

Y'all know I love to cook.  And you know when someone really likes a sport or has a hobby where they must have all the gear?  That is me with cooking.  I love kitchen jank, and therefore coming up with a few things I wouldn't mind having in my own kitchen (and thus you should want for yours / your chef friends) was probably the easiest thing I've done all day.  From cheese knives at Anthro to a fridge at West Elm (a stretch for a gift, I know, but did you see the chartreuse?!) to a sorbet and ice cream frozen yogurt maker at Sur La Table these are things I would die to have in my kitchen.  I threw in some non-cooking but perfect-for-a-kitchen items too, like ikat placemats and chalkboard spice jars (the cutest).  And y'all.  A "Made With Love" cheeseboard?  I die!  Some girls collect shoes, I collect Le Creuset...what can I say.  Oh, and don't think I wouldn't throw a few cookbooks in there - how adorable (and useful...I mean, hello) is the Hungover Cookbook?  And I love the Smitten Kitchen blog, so it's only natural that I would lust over the book too.  SO anyway, if you're shopping for a cheffie friend, the gifts below are real foodie pleasers, I can promise you that.  Christmas is in 7 days - Oh my GAHD!

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