Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday Wants

I feel kind of all over the place right now.  In life.  In blog.  Everywhere.  This is 100% reflected in this week's Wednesday Wants.  No theme, just a few beautiful things I have been particularly lusting over of late.  Now that I find myself in an office environment (rather than a classroom) I feel it's only appropriate to have a proper work tote.  Am I right?  Ok, a stretch maybe, but my beloved Longchamp is on it's last leg and I think I'm ready for an upgrade.  I am loving this Kate Spade tote.  1. It's orange (DECO color!) 2. It's spacious  3. It's really glam.  I rest my case.  Speaking of work, I wear the same flats every day (almost).  Boring.  Per my animal print obsession, it should come as no surprise that I am obsessing over these Nine West flats.  They also happen to be a very nice price, which I can never complain about.  Equipment blouses have rapidly become my favorite, and I need this neon number in my closet.  It is beautiful.  And would look amazing with these turquoise studs (and orange tote), don't you think?  I'd be a walking color-blocking wonder...if I do say so myself.  Back to those studs - aren't they beautiful?  Perhaps I should add those to a Wednesday Wishing list, but whatever this is my blog IdowhatIwant.  I love this pink and green Asos dress, not for any other reason than I think it's fabulous.  And the print kind of looks like it belongs on a pillow.  In the best way possible, obviously.  Perusing One Kings Lane this morning I found this print that I think would look adorable in my kitchen.  I am obsessing (obsessing) over filling my walls these days, and I know just where I would put it. Finally, last but not least, I have been scouring the internet for booties recently for a pal.  Like, I've seen more booties in the last 48 hours than I probably did all last fall.  (That's a lie.)  Anyway, while she may be more in the market for a heeled version I absolutely adore these Madewell flat boots.  They would be so cute with jeans...and I'm tall and clumsy, which means I avoid heels like the plague.  Duh.

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