Monday, August 6, 2012

Am I crazy?

So I'm not one of those "less is more" types of people.  I think I probably border on being a hoarder (and really bad poet).  If there is empty space I feel a deep, intense urge to fill it.  This would probably explain why I have enough clothes to fill 4.5 closets (I bet you think I'm kidding - I'm not), books still in boxes from college that I refuse to either unpack or throw away, picture frames out the wazoo...and the like, and it's never enough.  This is also why I tend not to trust my decorating intuition (if you will).  If you look at my Pinterest, it's filled with both beautifully clean spaces and junked (and funked) up colorful spots of goodness - I want to have both but more often than not fall somewhere in the abyss of in between struggling to find my apartment's...voice?  I don't know.  ANYWAY.  I'm saying all of this because I have so. much. wall space.  And I don't know what to do!  It's bad enough that I kind of hate my wall papered (i.e. irreversible) beige walls, but there is so much EMPTY!  I might have a nervous breakdown.  So then I got to thinking, what could I put on my walls?  My taste in art is not exactly in my budget right now, and I'm not dying (yet) to comprise on that, plus I already have some really great prints and frames hanging...and STILL there is space.  Then, eureka!  Faux taxidermy.  What?  Yes.  Faux taxidermy.  I mean, why not?  I'm from Texas.  People have dead animals in their houses all the time - our ranch is full of them!  I've never killed an animal, well not purposely at least, and I'm not sure it's really my jam (neither is filling my house with real live - ha - dead animals).  So am I crazy?  Am I the only one who thinks this stuff is so outrageously bad ass and awesome?  Please advise.

 All images via Etsy

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  1. I love these! I think it is time to replace my cardboard deer.