Sunday, April 15, 2012

sunday stuff

As I sit here and stare at a pile of ungraded papers just a leeetle bit longer before tackling them, I thought I'd share the highlights of my gloriously solo Sunday.  Some days I hate living alone - did you know I could go a whole day without uttering a single word to another human?  Don't judge me for talking to Mollie, what else am I supposed to do!?  Other days, however, it is the delightfully peaceful break from the rest of the world that I need to recoup and realign my stars....or whatever...for the week ahead.

A homemade granola bar (like I'd leave you hangin' - recipe later this week!) was the perfect way to start my morning, and not to toot my own horn or anything but ok I will they were seriously the best thing I've eaten in...I don't even know...a long time.  So. Freaking. Good.  So good.  I definitely ate another one when I got home from yoga.
 A KILLER yoga class taught by by far and away the coolest person I've met in OKC to date - Katie (She is a total baller and kind of makes me want to get a tattoo...just kidding mom!  Kind of.) - was so hard and so sweaty that my tank dyed my t-shirt pink when I put it on after class.  Always a good sign.
 One of these to refresh.  
A lovely albeit windy long walk with this gal.
And finally dunch and coffee to make grading seem just a bit less miserable.   Not too long ago I had a bad experience with some bad eggs that almost ruined my relationship with my favorite food (I'll spare you the details because if you're human you probably love eggs too, nonetheless always check expiration dates.)  Anyway, eggs and I are back on track thanks to this delicious scramble with spinach, black beans, a veggie burger...and lots of ricotta.  What, they're my eggs, I'll ricotta if I want to!  Oh an avocado and toast on the side - and would you guess, that avocado has been in my fridge for who knows how long and it looked and tasted like I bought it yesterday!  Put your stuff in the fridge people. 

How were your weekends?

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