Wednesday, April 4, 2012

speaking of

The Hunger Games - can Jennifer Lawrence do no wrong?  Not only does she seem totally normal and likeable, but she is a straight up knock out babe.  But not in an overdone way.  Does that make sense, or am I just crazy?  She seems (and I know we're talking celebs here) so laid back and genuinely surprised by how much her life has changed by all the madness...I don't know, basically I just really like the gal.  I like her even more, though, because she is always looking fierce.  I don't know if I've seen her in an outfit I didn't like yet - from last year's Oscars to the various Hunger Games premieres, girl's got it going ON!
In LA in Prabal Gurung
In Prabal Gurung and Raoul before and after the Late Show, an NYC screening in emerald Calvin Klein
in Ralph Lauren at the Paris premiere
In Marchesa at the Berlin premiere
In Tom Ford at the Paris premiere
And the throwback to last year's Oscars where she rocked the sh*t out of a Calvin Klein

I think my favorites are the LA, no one could ever top that dress, and Paris premieres.  Wow.

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