Wednesday, April 4, 2012

oh hay!

Remember me?  I share way too much let you in my life sometimes?  Well I'm back!  Needed a little vacay from the internets, but hallo!  Actually I just procrastinated for way too long and ended up doing a butt-load of grading instead of interneting.  Ahem, anyway.  Hope your Thanksgiving was as excessive as mine!  I've decided that Thanksgiving success = digging out and sucking yourself in to your fat jeans, which essentially means that I had the most successful Thanksgiving of all.  Yay for me!  Now that my bum has gone from badonkadonk to new zip code, I've decided it's about time to trim on the excess as I sip on my Tecate.  So, in order to celebrate this new leaf turning of pure and simple living, I have ordered myself a little Christmascomeearly pressie in the form of a blue print.  Blue Print Cleanse that is.  Cue chorus of angels, I can feel my hips shrinking as I type!
Ok in all seriousness, I'm not actually expecting to lose many lbs on this baby, but it does make me feel so. darn. good.  So good.  And I figure now is as good a time as any...and I may or may not be seeing my manfriend this weekend, but that's all in the details.  So here's the juice on the juice (Get it?  I surprise even myself, I know.)  There are three levels - Renovation, Foundation and Excavation in order of least hardcore to most.  Basically add more green juice to each level as you go, which for some people spells out disgust, but for this girl is a big ol' Y-U-M.  If you like wheatgrass-y-esq beverages then this cleanse is for you 100%...if not, well, you may end up like Cate a few of my friends drinking it over the toilet holding your nose.  OOOR you could start with Renovation, which only has TWO green juices and a really yummy looking purple-y juice.  I must admit I am definitely going to miss the Pineapple Mint (Juice 2) of Foundation, but I'll survive.  I'll let you know how goes, hopefully I won't be climbing up the walls looking for hidden Hershey Kisses in the rafters...and coffee...oh, coffee, Ima gonna miss you for three days!

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