Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nifty Knits

Winter Fall is definitely settling in here in Oklahoma City - it was 40 some odd degrees this morning!  As I slowly transfer my winter-wear from its yearlong vacay in Houston, I can't help but delight over all of the yummy knits Kate Spade has right now.  When I was itty Kate Spade and I had a wonderful relationship, I was obsessed with her handbags, planners...basically anything I could get my hands on.  And thennn Kate Spade went away for awhile.  Whether it was me or a blip in designs I don't know, but she (or me?) has made one hell of a comeback.  I find myself drooling over the handbags and glossy planners, lusting after bright shoes and accessories, and wanting to wrap myself up in these adorable hats, gloves, and scarves.  Christmas may come early for this gal, because I can't survive this weather sans something to make me smile much longer!

Love the sunnies!
Lord knows it's the truth
So sweet
Love a mitten - and with the usefulness of a glove
These crack me up
I definitely don't need these in OKC, but they might come in handy when I visit DC!

All images via Kate Spade

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