Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Decorative Delights

My friend Madi and I must be having some blogger esp over the internets.  She recently posted about Jamie Mears and her fabulous design blog i suwannee (which always make me think of Sewanee - anyone?), which led to her fabulous design shop Furbish in NC- and most recently the launch of an online shop.  Swoon.  I want everything.  From her blog.  From her shop.  From her online shop.  A few weeks ago Bailey helped promote her launch with a 15% off discount code, and being that I am a sucker for sales I immediately got to it and picked out a few things for my apartment.  Perhaps a few things too many as I was forced to pare down (teacher salary, woof) but I still have a few bright beauties decorating my living space.  It's hard to buy anything for my apartment right now, although let's be real - it's not stopping me, as I am MOVING en junio to my most favorite place in the world.  More on this later.  BUT, since I'm not sure what my new space looks like - yep, new apartment is site unseen - I have no idea what I'm working with.  Regardless, one thing I am sure of - Furbish will (pretty pretty please with a cherry on top Mom, Dad, Santa, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, and all other gift related holidays and mascots) play a major role in its decoration.
What I got (and in my apt):
What do you think?

What I want:  (Everything seemed like too general, albeit true, statement)
Le. Sigh.

All images via Furbish

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