Wednesday, April 4, 2012

mulling over miu miu

My MOST favorite black bag is a prized Miu Miu that I've had since...well, either the end of high school or the beginning of college, and as it is starting to show it's wear (that's a long time, people) I found myself daydreaming - read: browsing online during work - of a new Miu Miu replacement.  Unfortunately, on a teacher's salary that is most likely not in the realm of possibility - but a girl can
dream right?  These are a few of my faves...
Miu Miu small leather satchel, $1,350
Miu Miu Nappa Leather Shoulder Bag, $1,495
I mean DOES IT GET ANY BETTER than this bag?
Huge and cross-body potential?  I have died and gone to purse heaven.
Miu Miu Nappa Leather Shoulder bag, $1,195
Minnier, but see above description.  Le sigh.
As these are probably n't happening (Super K?  Santa?  Are you reading?) I have been looking at alternative (read: cheaper) options.  They may only be "alternative" by a bit, but that's still me being thrifty, right?  RIGHT?
Banana Republic Market Tote, $120
Kate Spade Westward Adventurer Satchel (s.w.o.o.n.), $556 - on sale no less ;)
(below as well, just because I love it so much)
Tory Burch Robinson Satchel, $550
Kate Spade Essex Scout Large, $445
J. Crew Biennial Satchel, $348

I guess this purse obsession is never going to end.  Alas.

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