Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jason Wu Recap

Well that was wildly underwhelming.

When my alarm went off this morning at 7 I opened my eyes and thought to myself, I just really don't care enough...

And it's true, I don't (didn't), but since I said I was going to do it I dragged my butt out of bed and got ready to go.  Pulling in to the Target parking lot I was excited to see the mobs of angry women fighting each other for door positioning, but all I got was a group of 10 women, some of whom were dressed in their church clothes, politely chatting.  WHAT?  Where's the rage?!  Where are the crazies?!  Letdown #1.  The only insane person was the woman who sauntered up and said, "so, are y'all going to buy everything and then sell it?".  Umm, negatory - I have a life.  She then proceeded to push everyone out of the way stand right in front of the door, so that when it opened she could RUN (literally), swipe all of the cat scarves (I wasn't aware they were a big deal?), tote bags and some other cheap looking crap and be on her merry way.  This is more like the drama I was looking for!  Except I felt really bad for the people who wanted a few of those things...
Anyway, the rest of the day was so civilized it kind of made me mad.  Picking out pieces to try on was SO easy!  Too easy!  Why did I wake up at 7am on a Sunday easy!  I grabbed a boatload of things I figured I'd try on and headed toward the fitting rooms - everything fit fine and as expected, but in all honestly it was all kind of a letdown.  The floral prints I had been lusting over looked cheap in real life, the materials were lackluster and everything seemed to have kitschy details that turned me off (I don't do kitsch).  It wasn't all bad though - I ended up with three pieces I am really excited about - nothing floral, but a lotta stripes!  I love the navy blue dress, I think it'll be cute for lunch with the rents, or a shower, or whatever...  I'm obsessed with the cardigan - it's long, and a pretty color and wonderful, and the tshirt-y shift is cute - I figure I could throw it on for brunch with friends or a casual night or something.
Overall I am pleased with my purchases, but the collection on the whole?  Eh.  I'm curious whether Target and Jason Wu will receive any backlash for the line - it was all kind of cheap looking.  Evidently the online shop sold out early, so I'm glad I didn't go that route.  Major +1 for OKC - the whole collection is just sitting over at my Target waiting to be picked over.  I had a feeling this could happen (but I didn't want to jinx myself) seeing that 1. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the majority of folks in OKC don't know who Jason Wu is, nor do they care (and I really wouldn't be surprised if they didn't like him because he designed Michelle Obama's inaugural ball dress - yes, seriously) and 2. these are church-going folk, and that the collection dropped on a Sunday was wildly in my favor.  An experience, yes, but probably not something I need to make a habit - UNLESS, that is, Rebecca Taylor for Target becomes a reality.  Then y'all really better watch out.
The best part of the day - celebrating my purchases with a Whataburger breakfast.

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