Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jason Wu for Target

I'm not sharing anything new, I'm fully aware that Jason Wu for Target is old news, but that doesn't make me any less excited.  I don't usually get my panties in a twist over for Target lines, although I am still pissed I never bought any Tucker, grr, and I did wait in the virtual line for my Missoni for Target flats (a size too big), but ANYWAY I skipped Rodarte, Versace, McQ, Zac Posen, Tracy Feith blahblahblah you get the point.  I will NOT be missing Jason Wu.  His lines are clean, patterns adorable, and colors bright.  And lord knows I'm a sucker for florals.  Holy florals.  I am actually planning to be at Target when the doors open at 8am on the dot tomorrow morning.  If you know me you know I do NOT do sales.  I avoid them like the plague. Black Friday?  No. Never.  I don't even try to go to The Galleria in December (or the first half of January for that matter, woof).  And per receiving an outlandish discount at UC (thanks! love ya!) it was never really a problem.  But now that I'm in the world of education not only am I poor, but I also have no clothing discount, SO things are a-changin' around here.  I still don't do sales as much as I can, but I do love an online bargain (no one can see me scrounging, what can I say).  I'm getting off track, the bottom line is, while I'm a little bit terrified of what I might encounter at Target tomorrow morning (something like this comes to mind), I am completely intrigued.  So I'm thinking it will be both a social experiment and a much needed pick me up for my wardrobe - assuming I have the self defense skills necessary actually get some JWu for myself.  I've been practicing my 1-2-punch though and I think I'm all set.   
Oh my (bleep) God I want EVERYTHING.  Like seriously.  Everything.  Well, maybe not the shorts.
Three of my favorites.  I might kill for the dress (nee, skirt/top combo, whatev) on the left.  Seriously.  Don't F with me tomorrow morning.
I'm not the only concerned one, it seems.

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