Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Have you tried?

Revival Market in Houston, TX is the passion project of Chef Ryan Pera and Morgan Weber.  Boasting the freshest of the fresh around town, Revival is a farm-to-table market with an array of meats, cheese, and in season produce - all locally sourced from at most 150 miles away whenever possible.  According to their website, veggies, dry goods, dairy products, cheese, and meats come from 3 dozen-ish farms, ranchers, and food artisans in the Greater Houston - Gulf Region.  The prepared foods section is unbelievable with an amazing selection of pickles, jellies, jams, oils and vinegars to choose from - I don't even know where to begin in trying them all.  I think thus far the olive oil bar is my favorite.  For one, I had no idea Texas had so many local olive oils, and two I was able to taste each until the one tickled my fancy, and then I could fill my own bottle.  I've been enjoying the best Texas olive oil since.  Super K discovered this place awhile back and has (obviously) become good friends with Morgan.  As it turns out our family properties are near each other, well whadayaknow, and now that we are in the loop we are Revival junkies.  Junkies.  I cannot get enough of this place, and am so thrilled someone is showcasing the amazingness that is local Texas goods.
all images from Revival
Revival in my own fridge (yep - straight from Texas all the way to OKC), and I kid you not I have minimum eight (8) frozen bags of veal meatballs in marinara in my fridge.  8.  Seriously.  It's that good.  So, those are bourbon cherries as well as local olive oil and veal meatballs in marinara (frozen and prepared, holy YUM). 
Revival Market
550 Heights Blvd., Houston
(713) 880 - 8463
M-F 7am-8pm
Sat. 8am-7pm
Sun. 10am-5pm

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