Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Exciting News!

I have decided to run not one, but TWO - yes t-w-o - half marathons in 2012.  Five weeks apart, no less.  March: Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in DC, April: OKC Memorial half marathon.  Surely you're thinking, oh, you must run...Nope.  Sure don't.  Actually until, oh I don't know, two months ago (?) I'm not sure I could run a mile without sweating and heaving and generally looking / acting like a hot m-e-double s.  Well, I am comfortably up to three miles - I know, 10.1 to go, but I'm kind of excited.  And NO THANKS to my childhood PE classes for instilling an enormous amount of hatred toward running in me.  I mean seriously, torture.  Why does it matter if you can run a mile in less than 10 minutes when you're 11 years old?  I couldn't then and I can't now (ugh being the fat kid was so debilitating!)  So, Coach Taylor, if you're reading this, thanks for ruining my running career (until now, ha!).  I still remember her saying, "if you don't do this I am going to make your life a living H-E-double toothpicks!"  Hello, traumatizing.
ANYWAY, I've started casually training and I'm going to try to get in to the full swing of things the second week of December, which is both fairly exciting and very daunting.  I've noticed that all serious runners all have Garmin GPS looking objects to clock their distance / pace / calorie burn / motivate them / provide water, chapstick, blotting papers...Ok well, maybe not the last few, but it does seem like an all in 1 sort of gizmo.  As I have to look cool while I'm running, like I look cool while I do everything else, does anyone have any suggestions on which Garmin is the best?  From what I understand there is a 10something, 20something, 30something, you get the gist...with varying prices.  Instead of racing (hehe, no pun intended) out to buy the most expensive one as per usual I thought I would be a budgetista and ask the blogosphere.  Any suggestions?
Oh, and how could I forget!  If you're interested in running either of these races, check out their websites HERE and HERE - I'd love to see you at the finish line!  (Although, don't judge because, let's be real, this girl won't be looking her best.)

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