Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BPC Recap

Well, I'm still here aren't I?  Just kidding, I'm more than here, I feel (   ) awesome.  Yes, it was hardish at times, and occasionally I was hungry, but overall it was as easy, if not easier than in the past.  And I didn't cheat - not even once!  (Confession: I cheated my second cleanse, eeksies)  So, that might have been the hardest part:  Going to lunch with my students and not partaking in any Rice Krispie treats (oh wait, how did you gain 10lbs?), smelling yummy food throughout my building - you get the point - and knowing I couldn't have a single bite.  But it was worth it.  Over all I don't think I lost much poundage (3ish?), but I feel really wonderful and my skin is clear and I'm don't feel like a balloon on the verge of popping - these are all very good things.  Basically, I'll be really pumped to partake again after the holidays.  And that's that.
Mollie liked it too! ;)

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