Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a bit late but -

My favorite Oscar dresses.  Let's be real, all anyone watches for is the dresses, right?  Oh shit, is it just me?  I mean I kind of care about the movies, but I hadn't even seen most of them this year, so I'm not ashamed in the slightest to admit that I was in it for the fashion.  And disappointed I was not.  Except sometimes.  But mostly not.  Here, in no particular order, are my faves of the evening...
Oh hey!  It's my twin!  Despite the fact that we are totally identical I thought she looked beautiful on Sunday night in Louis Vuitton.  I know we don't look identical thankyouverymuch.
Gwyneth can do no wrong.  Period the end.  Ever.  (In Tom Ford)
Ok, so Octavia Spencer is getting a lot of well deserved attention for both her Oscar look and performance, but I don't think we can forget about Viola Davis looking like a total BABE in Vera Wang.
I have a serious girl crush on Rooney Mara.  First, she always looks amazing (and particularly so in this Givenchy), second she is in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, a book I DEVOURED and movie I'm dying to see, and third I haven't seen her look bad yet (I know that's the same as 1, whatever).
Why is Meryl getting no love?  Girl looked GOOD in Lanvin.  Personally I loved the gold, and I think she deserves way more credit (fashionably speaking) than she's been getting.  The shoes, not so much, but I thought the rest was pretty glam.
I think Emma Stone is as hilarious as she is adorable and I'm glad she's moving on from The House Bunny's of the world to bigger and better things - like this  Giambattista Valli dress, which she rocked.  And the bow.  Le sigh.
I love/hate Milla Jovovich's  Ellie Saab Oscar look - I do love the dress, but what it just my HD that showed she was wearing ENTIRELY too much makeup and has really bad skin?  I know, I know actors aren't perfect either, but my goodness tone down the blush.
I don't really like JLo in general, but I thought she was gross in this Zuhair Murad dress.  And then her nip may or may not have slipped out (I'm thinking may).  I don't know what I hate about it so much, but I just can't get behind it.  Call me crazy...
And that my friends, is my official unoffical "best of" list - I'm such a fashionista...I know.

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