Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Hey gang!  I had anticipated being a bit more organized, but being that I was up until 12:30 this morning packing and at work at 7:00 for a meeting I am feeling frazzled at best.  I wore my sunglasses inside the airport if that gives you any idea how atrocious I look today…I hate when people do that.  Who has friends over for dinner the night before she goes out of town for a week?  This gal does!  Anyway, as the best wedding gift ever (aside from the actual wedding itself, of course) Super K is treating me to a week at a spa - or the Fat Farm as we've jokingly coined it.  I plan on working out 834710874310x a day.  Maybe.  At the very least I'm hoping to (mostly) unplug, unwind, and get skeeeny!  And not drink wine.  Ok, I'm going to try to not drink wine.  We're rapidly approaching t-minus one month, and I need to get my butt in gear.  Like, big time.  I'll try to post (like I said, I would mostly unplug), but if I'm being real I don't even know what the wifi situation is where we're headed.  Which is in Mexico…btw.  All I know is I am looking forward to some well-deserved (maybe?) R&R with my numero uno gal.  So, I hope y'all have the BEST weekend - what's on your agenda?

Sadly, this is so true.  I wish I had more photos of my beautiful momma!  '


Make this before summer's end…so easy, SO GOOD!

Don't forget!  Today is the last day to shop the Spirit Beauty Lounge F&F sale!  

Her veil though.  

Fifty Shades...of Kittens!  I can't.

goop's greatest hits - a LOT of goodness! 

Infused water - anything to help beat the heat!

Savannah Guthrie's baby…I can't stop, she's so precious.

Prancercize Round 2

Have y'all downloaded the Spring Shopping App?  Do it!  Now!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Spirit Beauty Lounge: Friends & Family Sale!

One difficulty of transitioning to all natural / organic skincare and makeup is I can't just jet over to CVS or stop by Sephora on my way home to pick up this or that. Finding effective natural products (that are actually natural) takes a bit of effort on my part, which is where Spirit Beauty Lounge comes in. I first heard of SBL from Bare Beauty (duh), and I have since ordered beaucoup products from this amazing upon amazing site.  It is my numero uno go-to when I'm either needing to replace a staple or discover a new product.  Their mission is to provide the safest most effective organic beauty out there - all in the same place and all with the same guarantee that it is good for you.
Reading labels and memorizing an ever-growing list of ingredients to avoid can be overwhelming. Spirit Beauty Lounge is a place where you can shop safe, knowing we've done the research for you! We are your "virtual candy store" of organic beauty, where you'll want and love everything on the shelf, except in this candy store, everything is good for you! All of our edited and cherry-picked natural, organic, and sustainable products come from companies who have clearly defined humane, ethical, and environmental policies ensuring the care and beauty of our planet and its inhabitants! As for our own impact...
Well, thanks gals!  You can visit the website for more information, including a note from the site's founder, Spirit Demerson.  When this is something you are passionate about, as I have increasingly become, it really is so comforting to know that you don't have to spend hours (that I don't have) researching products to know whether they a. will work and b. are safe.  I know natural beauty can seem like somewhat of a strange realm, I think plenty of my friends (and fiancé) look at me like I'm a crazy that I don't want to try this or that or borrow their makeup (I mean, remember my gripe about JM's skin?), but it's a choice I'm committed to making, and if anyone wants to chat more about it seriously give me a shout - I would love to give you my two cents!

Anyway, all of this is completely beside the point, which is that Spirit Beauty Lounge is having a Family & Friends sale!  HELL to the YES.  20% off orders of $100 or more with the code FF2014 through August 15th.  Like I've mentioned, it is a literal mecca of natural beauty - replete with custom samples of products you are wanting to try but perhaps not ready to commit to.  And on that note, if you're wanting to try any RMS Beauty samples, they last FOREVER, which is obviously a huge plus.  Check out my favorites below, or spend a little time exploring for yourself - I guarantee you won't be sorry!  What about y'all?  Do you care about whether your fave product is natural or not?  What are some of your faves?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: OITNB

I know I'm not the only one who binge watches Orange is the New Black on the reg, right?  Well, did you know Fischer got married?  In real life!  And her wedding looked like so much fun.  I am pretty (read: extremely) obsessed with her dress, but I generally love the attention to detail throughout the entire day.  It's nice when a wedding looks so perfectly curated, don't you think?  Definitely the prettiest prison guard's wedding I've ever seen!  (And I guess in this case, pink is the new black, no? Sorry, I couldn't help it...)
Click here for more pics and to hear from the bride!  All images via Style Me Pretty

Oh, and while we're talking OITNB...for your viewing pleasure

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Just kidding!  But seriously, what else do you call dudes taking care of their skin?  Someone who knows fill a sister in.  I am kind of a nut about my skincare regimen.  And by nut, I mean that I'm the girl who cannot not check a bag because what would I do without my toiletries? (!?!?!)  I remember being at a wedding in June in North Carolina chatting with one of my unbelievably beautiful and fashionable friends when she admitted that she always used whatever samples were in whichever hotel she and her fiancé were staying for the weekend.  W-H-A-T?  I literally cannot even fathom.  I know I'm being a little overdramatic, but I am serious about my products (and aren't there far worse things to be serious about?  Let's be real here.).  So you can imagine that I expect JM to hold his face to the same standards.  Except he doesn't.  At all.  It drives me NUTS!  I will inform him he needs moisturizer on any given day, and I'm always plotting how I'll get him on a routine...I don't want to be married to someone with wrinkles as much as I don't want them myself! (Just kidding JM, I'll love you no matter what, BUT STILL!)  Enter Ursa Major.  I'm still not totally convinced I'm going to get JM on a routine, but even if I could work in one thing, like the Fantastic Face Wash or the Fortifying Face Balm  I would consider it an enormous victory.  And the packaging is so cute!  Who wouldn't want to use it?
More than just any products though (because after all, I'm sure even JM would take a trip to CVS with enough cajoling), I am committed to using products that are safe, healthy, and effective.  Thanks to my girl Jessica, of course.  If it is true that anything we put on our skin is absorbed in to our bloodstream within 30 minutes - and Bare Beauty says it's true, which means it must be - then I want to be using products with ingredients that I don't have to wonder/worry about.  And if I'm doing that, then I want JM to be doing that too, because I gotta look out for my dude, right?  Anyway, according to Ursa Major, they are...
"Dedicated to providing men with chemical-free, yet highly-effective, skincare solutions, Ursa Major believes, ' … anything's possible in life when you look and feel your best.' 
Using an artful blend of robust and sustainable ingredients, Ursa Major products nourish and restore the skin, without over-drying or irritating. Both 100% natural and a pleasure to use, these products deliver on their promise to give you clean, comfortable, and healthy skin you'll love.
Sounds like it's worth a try to me!  What about y'all?  Do the men in your life use any particularly amazing products I need to force on JM?

Monday, August 11, 2014


Back to the grind!  This weekend was wonderful and terrible all at the same time - and if you've ever moved in to a new house I'm sure you can relate.  I feel like every time we unpack a box seven more appear out of thin air.  And then there's the task of organizing...which is most definitely not in my nature.  (JM's either, unfortunately.)  I would 1000% use a genie wish for those super power Super K genes right about now.  BUT!  We celebrated, and we organized (and organized some more), and I bought some new kicks (IwillrunIwillrunIwillrun), and we ate...oh did we eat...and eat some more.  This was not a wedding diet weekend, but I am not sorry either.  I worked out too!  (That counts for something, right?)  How were y'alls weekends? 

Also, are y'all Today Show fans?  It's part of my pre-work morning ritual / guilty pleasure.  Today is Savannah's last day, and she wrote a really sweet blog about her maternity leave.  Get your mind out of the gutter, I don't have babies on the brain!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Happy Friday!

TGIF y'all!  This week - this month, this summer, this YEAR - has flown by.  We have a sweet friend's wedding this weekend, and I can't wait to celebrate her and her new hubs mañana.  You can otherwise find us chained to our house trying to get settled.  Why is it so hard?  Arg!  In other news...
Shobop has some major saleage going on - my fave booties (!), summer flats, wear to anything maxi, pleats, boyfriend jeans and MORE! #treatyoself

This baby.  Y'all.

WHY am I never in the right place at the right time?  The cast of 'Lion King' bursts into song on the subway.  Am I the only one who still gets chills? #nolie

With our new kitchen that is so much larger than my former cube I am really wanting to take advantage of fleeting summer produce.  Enter squash blossoms.  YUM.

Healthy eating on a budget.

Love, love, love

Speaking of, the dreaded B word...a different approach to budgeting (woof).

Remember the sermon I mentioned Monday?  In case you missed it.

This made the blog rounds awhile back, but I think it definitely bears repeating.

I don't travel / eat for a living, but this is the story of my life.  Literally.  Solidarity brotha.

Hello lovely. (In my dreams) And the somewhat more in my price range version.

This video narrated by Michael Pollan (!)

This is insane and awesome (and awesome and insane)

Is it football season yet? Preciousness.

I had to add one more thing - Juan Carlos brought many a smiles to my face driving back to my apartment, and while I'm sorry he didn't advance further in America's Got Talent I hope to see him back on Allen Parkway soon!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Gray Malin: Greek Isles

Let me start out by saying I really freaking love Gray Malin's work.  I have two of his pieces framed (waiting to be hung) in our new house, and I really can't help but smile every time I look at them.  He's just so dang talented!  Don't even get me started on the Bolivia series, which I am still dying to own a part of...another story for another day.  Anyway!  Gray has come out with a new series called "Greek Isles" and according to him is "inspired by the kaleidoscope of colors as well as the enchanting beauty and unique landscape, each beach inhabits a different allure..." - umm, yes please! The photos are to. die. for. and also happen to be on sale on his website.  I am about to have to literally sit on my hands not to buy almost husband might have a conniption if I don't. But seriously, do yourself a favor and pick one up - who wouldn't want to stare at one of these gorgeous beach scenes all day?  SO pretty.
all images via 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Barcelona

This close to our wedding it seems almost wrong not to pick Wedding Wednesday back up, and how could I not share this amazingness?  A Barcelona wedding with the most unique dress, jamon and cava, and that setting...oh my goodness.  I feel like the weddings I'm the most drawn to (online) are the ones that I know with certainty will be next to nothing like ours.  I mean, in my dreams I get married at a castle in Barcelona with a divine sit-down dinner for 50 of our nearest and dearest, but that's just now how this whole deal unfolded, cha know?  Finding wedding inspiration online is an interesting game - there is so much beauty...and so much that is the's hard to wrap your head around it.  And then it's like, do you want to do that one thing you saw on Pinterest or is that gimmicky?  I know, I know #brideproblems.  ANYWAY, this wedding looked incredible - oh how I wish I had been a guest!

Click here to see even more beauty and hear from the bride! 

And that headpiece y'all.  Wow.