Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy Weekend!

FRIDAY!  Yes!  Made it!  I'm looking forward to running my first 10k tomorrow - Juan is running his first too (!) - and then loungin' the rest of the weekend.  All I want to do is redecorate my house, but I'm trying to sit on my hands and get organized first.  But our bathroom is calling me.  I'm trying to relish these last few weekends we have in Houston, because starting mid-March I'll be traveling all. the. time.  No complaints!  But it's nice to stay in your pjs until noon on your own couch binge watching The Affair right?  What are y'all up to this weekend?  Hope it's something fun!  
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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Current Listening

My February playlist, if you will.  I've had this playing in my office, car, kitchen...everywhere lately.  A good mix of some new tunes, old classics, and horribly awesome pop (because no playlist is complete without it, right?).  Enjoy!  It's almost Friday! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Clean Program Recap: Week 1

Let's pretend it's Monday, and I've been diligently posting all week, shall we?  Such is my life right now, but I'm trying!  Anyway, today officially marks the end of week 1 of my cleanse, and since so many people have asked how it's going, I figured I'd go ahead and provide a full recap here.  In short, it's great!  But y'all probably want to know a little more than that.  I ordered a combination cleanse of vanilla and chocolate shakes (btw, if you want to learn more - The Clean Program), and I'm not going to lie - drinking my first vanilla shake on day 1 my only thought was, "How in the f*ck am I going to survive this" (as I choked it down).  Survive I did though, and the chocolate shake I had for dinner that first night was infinitely better.  I completely blame myself for the shit shake by the way; I literally put everything but the kitchen sink in kind of makes me laugh now, but that first attempt was like avocado and nut butter and fruit and cashew milk and coconut and cacao powder...everything.  I'm serious.  It was gross.  (And also like 10,000 calories, but that's neither here nor there).  Knowing that I'm just about the most unorganized person there ever was, I obviously still haven't read the introduction booklet to the cleanse.  I know what I'm supposed to do every day, and I know what I can and cannot eat, and last night I did read a few pages...but all of this should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me well.  There are pluses and minus to approaching the cleanse this way: On the one hand my expectations are very low and I'm living life one day at a time, but on the other I am totally unorganized and have zero meal plans and am totally flying by the seat of my pants.  So far that's been ok with me - we'll see what happens over the next two weeks.

Back to last week: Things almost immediately went downhill from there.  Day 2 was absolutely terrible.  I thought I would be ambitious (which is not really so much ambitious as a part of my Thursday routine) and go to an early morning yoga class.  Umm, no.  I spent minimum 45, maximum 56 minutes, of a 60 minute class in savasana (*dead man's pose), and I'm not exaggerating.  My heart was racing, I was dizzy, I basically felt like absolute crap.  This is what happens when I give up coffee?!  F!  I spent the rest of the day not feeling terrible, but also not feeling great either - I had a dull headache, felt exhausted, and generally speaking just wanted to crawl under my covers and not come out.  But I persevered!  Day 3 I woke up feeling really good, and that's really been the case since.
What are the results so far, you ask? (I know what you really want to hear.) I'm not sure what I should expect a week in, but my skin looks pretty darn good (after a period of looking pretty darn bad just before and in the first few days of), the dark circles under my eyes have noticeably lightened (i.e. gone away), and I've lost a little over 4lbs.  And I feel really, really freaking good!  Giving up the food I've had to give up really hasn't been as difficult as I thought it might be - although when I'm out to eat with friends or my husband makes an insane looking dinner at home I do get a little jealous...I do really love (all) food after all.  But, in truth what one eats on the cleanse is not a dramatic departure from what I eat on a regular basis, so I will say I think that fact has made things easier.  Giving up wine has been a breeze - mostly - and I actually enjoyed waking up without any alcohol in my system over the weekend (and during the week, let's be real).  Coffee has been the hardest thing to give up without any doubt, but I have developed quite the affinity for Yogi brand Mint Tea (it. is. so. good.).  I've also noticed that getting out of bed for an early am workout class, or just to get to my yob has been infinitely easier too - and continues to get easier every day.  I'm sleeping better than I have in forever.  Like, forever, forever.  It's amazing!  Other than the first two days I have zero downsides.  Other than the fact that I miss coffee...and maybe cheese...sometimes.

I should note here that part of the reason I chose Clean is because it is one hell of an investment.  $425 is no joke, and don't think I don't realize that.  Knowing myself though, I knew I would have to make such an investment in order to be successful...every time I've ever tried an elimination diet I last about three days and then am like, why am I doing this again?  If I cheat, which I haven't yet, then that investment will have been a waste, so I'm pretty dedicated to making these last 14 days worthwhile.  Another thing I really love about Clean is that I'm actually eating.  My husband will occasionally say, oh right you're not eating tonight.  Yes!  I am!  I have HUGE delicious lunches, and I eat all the snacks whenever I'm hungry.  For me, making a (protein) shake for breakfast and again for dinner isn't really all that out of the ordinary - it might be one more than I would typically have in a day, but so what?  I have yet to feel either deprived or hungry.  So as you can tell by this post (is anyone still reading?) I'm pretty in to this whole deal - and from a personal perspective, I think the results thus far speak for themselves.  If y'all have any questions about anything I've said hit me up!  Seriously!  I'm planning on eventually providing a few of my favorite shake combos / cleanse friendly meals, but I am happy to answer any questions at all.  Holy smokes that was long...until next week!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Happy Weekend!

Friday, finally!  Actually not finally, this week flew by.  I'm looking forward to a mostly relaxing weekend, hopefully continuing to settle in our little casita.  We bought a new couch, which is amazing, but it has provided for some decorating conundrums...i.e. my dining room table is currently housing every item from two side tables that no longer fit.  We also decided to bring more wedding gifts (that are mostly still at my parents' house, eek) over...but our house is so full.  And needs to be organized.  Trust me, I am not complaining, but it can be overwhelming!  What are y'all up to this weekend?  Hopefully something fun!    
Do y'all suffer from Last Supper Syndrome?  I do!

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This could be big stuff!

Have y'all seen 50 Shades?  I did and...I don't even know how I felt about it.  I (and the entire theatre) laughed a good bit, but I guess I was also entertained.  Whatever, Jamie Dornan is a babe.  This made me giggle.

P.S. In case you're curious - day three of Clean is going great!  The dark circles under my eyes have noticeably faded (and it's not due to an uptick in sleep), I've created shake recipes I actually like, and I'm not starving.  #wins!  I'll do a full recap of week one next week.  Stay tuned!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Vacay Swim

Umm cleansing.  I feel kind of (and by kind of I mean really) shitty, but it's only day two...its only day two...and I'm going to persevere!  One way to keep my motivation up?  Looking at all the amazing new bathers on Shopbop.  My best gal is having her bach in Harbour Island next month, which not only means I need to get skeeny, but also that I need to up my swim game in the worst way.      Lucky for me there is no shortage of amazingness to choose from.  Lately I have been really digging Marysia Swim and Zinke - I love both's ability to un-frump a one piece...and y'all know I love a onesie.  I've had my eye on this for a while, and this is pretty much my favorite bather of all time - I have it in at least two, maybe three, prints.  While I'm generally not a bikini wearer, I think Briland might be a good trip to test one out...high waisted of course...and I think these bottoms (and this top) fit that bill perfectly.  Do y'all have any fun vacays coming up?  My skin needs some sun like crops need the rain.  Legit.  It's bad.

I'm sensing a blue, black, and nautical theme going on here...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Clean Program: Here Goes Nothin'

Hellooo!  I feel like I'm playing a constant game of catchup, and I keep thinking I'm going to win...except I don't.  Oh well - one of these days, right?  Which is actually one reason I've decided to take the plunge and try Alejandro Junger's Clean Program Cleanse.  (This is Gwynie approved btw)  I'm no stranger to cleansing (mostly in form of juicing), but this is the first time I've ever undertaken a challenge of this nature.  Y'all, 21 days is a long time!  I'm trying not to focus on the length - or the number of foods I can't eat, which Juan thinks is both exorbitant and ridiculous - but more on how good this will (hopefully) make me feel.  Both physically and mentally.  I think (hope) this experience will not only force me to slow down, but also force me to say no more.  I am an inherent people pleaser, and I like it that way, until I'm run completely ragged and realize I'm not taking care of myself.  Well, this is 21 days por moi.  Or so is the perspective I'm choosing to take, because if I focus on the fact that I can't have wine or coffee for 21 days I might have a mental breakdown!  Perhaps the real reasons for starting this cleanse were a bit more shallow - I would love to drop a few lingering holiday lbs, for the first time in my life I have a weird forehead breakout I can't explain, and my hair/skin/nails are looking rather lackluster these days (maybe it's because I'm so f*cking pale) - but either way, I am excited to see this through.
I ordered the cleanse last week, and I thought I would get good and researched before I started, but as is unsurprising I haven't at really done my homework at all.  Which, honestly, I almost think is better...although I definitely missed the part where I'm supposed to pre-cleanse for three days, oops.  #redwine Whatever.  The lack of a pre-cleanse might make the beginning a little more difficult, but I think I'm definitely up for the challenge!  I figured I'd put this out there to the universe the blogosphere to a. help hold me accountable and b. share my experience and in the end whether I think this is a worthwhile deal.  I'm really, really hoping the latter is a resounding yes!  I will keep y'all posted!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Weekend!

What a week!  Man!  I feel like a chicken running around with its head cut off; this has been one of those weeks.  There was something going on every night - we were entertaining pals and generally  having way too much fun.  I'm looking forward to a mostly low-key weekend.  Do y'all like Valentine's Day?  I do!  John was laughing at me last night for loving it as much as I do, but I can't help it - I love that there's a day devoted to celebrating love.  Whatever kind of love! Husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, parents,'s all awesome.  Sending my gals valentines today made my heart so full - I love the idea that I might have made someone smile.  It's one of those types of holidays.  In perfect husband form, Juan gave five ducks in my honor to World Vision after I sent him this card, which to me explains why we're married so perfectly. (And if you know me you know I really love lox and bagel.)  Don't worry, I bought myself a pair of these too...I don't mess.
Whatever your plans are this weekend - romantic or otherwise - I hope they are awesome and safe and the most relaxing!  TGIF!

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy Weekend!

TGIF!  How well deserved!  As I mentioned yesterday, I'm jetting off to Charleston for the weekend to see some of my best gals and to help one celebrate her engagement.  Juan and I travel a lot, so I am typically relishing our weekends in Houston, but I am so, so, so excited about this trip - as quick as it may be.  For one, we were in Houston for most of January, and I'm itching for a getaway, and secondly the opportunities to see my favorite people seem fewer and further between between these days.  I can't wait to catch up and drink wine and walk...and just be with some of my gals.  It's going to be the most wonderful.  Hope y'all have equally as amazing weekends - have fun and be safe! 
This is awesome

Grain bowls - YES please!

Saved By The Bell! - Did y'all see it?  The best ever!

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Send a valentine to a patient at Texas Children's Hospital! (Seriously, it takes less than a minute)

Generic sofas, eek!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wearing: Engagement Parties

This weekend I'm heading to Charleston to celebrate my best frand and her husband-to-be, and I am so excited!  Girls weekend + pre-wedding celebration is an unbeatable combination.  (Throw Charleston in to the mix and I am one happy gal!)  So, obviously I've been thinking about what to pack all week.  When I was 23 and still on my parents bankroll I used to love to wear bright colors and prints any and every chance I had.  Now, though, my reality is a little different: Job and budget and husband and that order, kind of.  We have so many friends getting married this year, which is the absolute best thing ever, but that also means we have a lot of engagement parties to go to.  Like, a lot.  And the truth is that I can't be buying a new outfit for every fiesta (but oh how I wish I could!).  So, I've come up with a uniform of neutrals (colors and silhouettes) to pair with exciting accessories I can switch up from event to event.  And until right now (letting y'all in on my little secret), I think it's worked!  
I rarely leave home without a bright lipstick - to me, it's the easiest way to liven up any boring outfit (and is probably the oldest trick in the book).  If you are out with me on a weekend night I would bet 9 times out of 10 I'll be wearing a bright lip.  I've also found that exciting shoes are a good way to brighten up basics.  I wore these to our rehearsal dinner, and I am still completely obsessed with them (and wear them as much as possible).  In my previous life I was never big on neutrals, but quite frankly I think it's the easiest way to look put together - and like you're wearing something that you haven't worn 1938411834 times before (don't lie, you know you do it too).  Personally I'd rather spend my hard earned dollars on amazing accessories, but what do y'all think?  Get me to Charleston, like, yesterday!  

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